music and communication devices for MRI machines

We make the mri scan process relaxing

Magnetically Inert & Safe for ALL MRI’S

In 1989, Magnacoustics™ invented and patented the first magnetically inert MRI music system that has evolved into the Genesis Ultra. ™

In 2016, Magnacoustics™ once again became an innovator by inventing the groundbreaking MagnaCoil™ headset system, providing 30db of gradient noise attenuation to ensure patients are not exposed to damaging sound pressure levels created by the louder and more powerful scanners.

Today, we continue to utilize emerging technology to enhance sound, communication, and the patient experience.

Magnacoustics™ products increase patient comfort, streamline operations, and deliver a competitive edge. Our personal customer service adds value to your team because our motto is “100% Customer Satisfaction” so that yours can be too.

In our tradition of excellence Magnacoustics™ is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer. Re-certification obtained in 2019 for ISO 9001:2015 until 2022. 

Pioneer products

Magnacoustics™ pioneer products are the result of integrating modern engineering, medicine and cutting edge technology. Magnacoustics™ invented and patented the first magnetically inert MRI music system, and when scans got louder we introduced the MagnaCoil™ and MagnaPlug™ that provide 30db of gradient noise attenuation. We continuously explore new ways to improve our system and support advances in MRI research and clinical practice. Our modern MagnaTouch™ touch screen, multi-language music and communication* system is loaded with intuitive features that help the technologist optimize patients’ experience and increase throughput. Best of all it is easy to use, safe and compatible with all MRIs. Through the decades we have maintained a reputation for quality manufacturing and premium personal customer service. Our motto is “100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed” so yours can be too.