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suite of MRI products increase patient comfort, streamline operations, and deliver a competitive edge.

Clear Talk

Stops the music when the technologist needs to give instructions, ensuring clear communication*.

Automatic Volume
Compensation System

Raises and lowers the volume for the patient in response to varying sound pressure levels of the MRI.

See in the Dark

Our backlit Technologist Control Unit allows the technologist to operate the entire system with the touch of a button in a low-lit MRI environment. 


Commands are sent directly into the patient’s ears for breath-hold sequences by utilizing Magnacoustics’ proprietary interface with GE and Hitachi’s hardware and software. In AutoVoice Command mode, the patient simply presses a button signaling to the technologist their readiness for the scan to begin.

*Autovoice, communication, and other features are available only through OEM’s.

Why we’re different

Magnetically inert and safe for ALL MRIs since 1989, Magnacoustics™ has been delivering the soothing sound of music to MRI, easing patient claustrophobia, enhancing site safety, offering patient hearing protection, and increasing the efficiency of operations.

Today’s Magnacoustics™ music system and our patented MagnaCoil™ noise-attenuating headsets safely deliver clear music and sound directly into the patients’ ear canals while protecting their hearing from the potentially damaging noise of the scanner. Use it as a simple music system or unlock its many features and benefits.*