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NEW MagnaTouch
Communication & Music System for MRI

A sound investment.
Patented technology.
Clear features and benefits.
  • Human Factor Engineering (HFE) makes you an expert at first touch.

  • Free-Up Your Desktop with Compact Vertical Design with adjustable angle touch panel.

  • MULTILINGUAL with up to 45 Languages Available allowing two languages to be used simultaneously by the technologist and patient.

  • Patient Handheld Controls with Voice Feedback allow patients to adjust the volume and selection of whatever they are listening to, distracting and relaxing even the most apprehensive of your patients by putting them back in control of their own environment

  • Auto Voice Commands (AVC) are sent directly into the patient’s ears for breath-hold sequences by utilizing Magnacoustics’ proprietary interface with GE and Hitachi’s hardware and software available through OEM's only.

  • Exclusive and Patented Patient Ready Signal (PRS)* works in conjunction or independently with Auto Voice Command Instructions for breath-hold sequences, allowing patients to press a button signaling the technologist their readiness for the scan to begin. *Soon this PRS system will be fully integrated, allowing the patient to independently start the scan sequence further streamlining the entire Auto Voice procedure. Available through OEM's only. PROTECTED BY PATENT # 8,064,980

  • Multiple Listening Sources* let patients and technologists independently choose their own music source.*Sources include FM, Internet Streaming FM, Internet Streaming Music, CD, MP3, Aux Line Input, iPod / iPhone and portable devices.

  • fMRI Integrated Interface with built-in input for audio stimulation utilizes the patient handheld controls to transmit audible and electronic responses. Available through OEM's only.

  • Automatic Volume Compensation System raises and lowers the volume level for the patient in response to the varying gradient noise levels from the MRI.

  • One-Way or Two-Way Intercom System* provides communications between the patient and technologist even on scanners with no intercom. *Available through OEM's only

  • NOISE ATTENUATING MagnaCoil / MagnaPlugStethoscope Headset System*

    • The MagnaCoil a Free Form Over the Ear Style Coil Headset works in conjunction with our MagnaPlug, a unique, patented foam earplug with a pneumatic port that allows the audio signals to transfer directly into the patient’s ear canal.

    •  Our new, Patented MagnaCoil Headset System is Tested and Certified to comply with GE Healthcare’s Mandatory Requirement for hearing protection of 29dB NRR or greater.

    • This System offers the industry's maximum attenuation and comfort.

    • The MagnaCoil Headset System is equipped with acoustically sealing noise attenuating foam earplugs (MagnaPlug) that provide the dual function of protecting the patient’s hearing by offering the industries maximum attenuation available 30dB NRR, while providing clear communication and music at the same time.

    • Tested and Certified to provide 30dB NRR tested to ANSI standard.

    • Tested and Certified to fit any Coil on any MRI!

    • PROTECTED BY PATENT # RE43,595 C1, 7,292,704 & 7,609,844

  • 8 Driver Patented Transducer is guaranteed to last with a lifetime warranty.

  • Instant Remote Online Diagnostics, Upgrades and Updates with internet connectivity.




Integrating modern Engineering, medicine and cutting edge technology:  Magnacoustics invented and patented the first magnetically inert MRI music system, bringing quality sound to MRI; but we didn’t stop there. We continuously explore new ways to improve our system and support advances in MRI research and clinical practice. Through the decades we have maintained a reputation as the first to deliver new technology with cutting edge design, quality manufacturing and premium personal customer service.  Our motto is "100% Customer Satisfaction"

Improving clinical practice: Working in collaboration with industry leaders in the fields of science, medicine, technology and healthcare enables us to respond to emerging needs and pioneer new ways for sound and communication to be utilized in MRI's. Our MagnaTouch is more than an MRI Music System; it's a functionally integrated masterpiece of engineering excellence combining the finest components available today.  

100% compatibility & protection from obsolescence:  The MagnaTouch can be easily updated and is 100% compatible with all MRI's. MagnaTouch is a smart investment today that will not become obsolete tomorrow. Our Sound Advantage Initiative guarantees free updates and upgrades for the MagnaTouch, keeping your music/communication system compatible with MRI advancements and a step ahead of the competition.

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Please Note: Specifications are subject to change
A Sound Investment

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