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Magnatouch Genesis Ultra MagnaPlug MagnaSet MagnaCap MagnAlarm

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Product Specifications

Power Requirements: 110 / 240 V AC 50-60 Hz (switchable)
Operation: Microprocessor controlled, Texas Instruments DSP technology for audio circuitry
Inputs: Mic, Music, Video, AVC (GE systems) and fMRI,
Outputs: Transducer, fMRI trigger (for response time), and infrared out (to control any stereo)
I/O: Speaker input and outputs (for Technologist mute function)

Technologists Control Unit
Controls: Ergonomically designed to allow control of the entire system at the touch of a button. Electroluminescent Keypad and Large Backlit LCD Display make it ideal for use in low light environments. Digital Readouts provide System Status. Buttons provide audible confirmation when depressed.

Auto Voice Capability: Integrated input for intercom integration and Auto Voice Commands (AVC). Compatible with all GE MRI”s

Operation: Microprocessor control.

DSP Technology: Texas Instruments custom designed DSP technology, allow Magnacoustics to guarantee our Genesis IV to be the finest sounding MRI Music / Communications System available.

Transducer Amplifiers: Custom MOSFET design.

Operation: Patented Magnetically inert and RF shielded unit. Will not cause artifacts in image and is not affected by MRI, located close to the bore reducing the length of pneumatic tubing required. Includes 8 Drivers.
RF Shielding: 98 dB attenuation from 10 MHz to 100 MHz
RF Filter: 40 dB

Patient Controls: 4 pneumatic pressure switches. In standard mode operate Up and Down Volume, Select Up and Down to control channel, track direction.. ect in fMRI mode provide response time.

MagnaLink™ Stethoscope Headset System:
This new, patented headset system complies with and exceeds the new GE Healthcare’s MR Safety Guide
requirement of 29dB NRR or greater tested to ANSI standard.

MagnaLink™ Stethoscope Headset System provides 30dB NRR tested to ANSI standard.

*MagnaSet Patient Headsets:
Stereoscope Style: Fit all coils magnetically inert pneumatic.
Noise Attenuation: 29.8dB @ 2kHz 18.1dB NRR tested to ANSI standard.

*Note: This headset does not comply with GE HealthCare’s new MR Safety Guide's requirement of 29dB NRR or greater tested to ANSI standard.


Power Requirements: AC 120V, 60HZ

Tuner Section:
System: FM Stereo, Super heterodyne Tuner
FM Tuning Range: 87.5 – 108.0 MHz
Antenna: AM: Loop, FM Lead Antenna

CD Player Section:
System: CD Player
Laser: Semiconductor Laser
Supported Formats: CD-DA, CD-R/RW, MP3/ATRAC3
Play Modes: Program, Shuffle & Repeat

iPod Section:
Dual iPod Docks

Stereo Amplifier Section:
Output 85W + 85W (6 ohms at 1 kHz, 10% THD)

Digital-to-Analog Converter:1 Bit
Station Presets: 30 Presets (10 AM, 20FM)
Sound Enhancer: DSGX (Dynamic Sound Generator X-tra)
Equalizer: 7 Presets (Rock, Jazz, Classic etc.)

Speaker System: 3-Way Bass Reflex Type
Speaker Dimensions: 1.6” (4cm), 0.8” (2cm) Super Tweeter
Woofer Size: 5.9” (15cm)

Main Unit: 6lbs 12oz (7.6Kg)
Speakers: 6lbs 3 oz (2.8Kg) each x 2
Main Unit: 7 4/5 x 10 5/6 x 13 3/7” (198x275x341mm)
Speakers: 7½ x 1 19/14 x 9 9/14” (180x296x245mm) each x 2

Inputs and Outputs:
Built-in iPod interface


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Specifications are subject to change

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