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Magnatouch Genesis Ultra MagnaPlug MagnaSet MagnaCap MagnAlarm
Communication & Music System for MRI

A sound investment.
Patented technology.
Clear features and benefits.


Integrating modern Engineering, medicine and cutting edge technology:  Magnacoustics invented and patented the first magnetically inert MRI music system, bringing quality sound to MRI; but we didn’t stop there. We continuously explore new ways to improve our system and support advances in MRI research and clinical practice. Through the decades we have maintained a reputation as the first to deliver new technology with cutting edge design, quality manufacturing and premium personal customer service.  Our motto is "100% Customer Satisfaction"

Improving clinical practice: Working in collaboration with industry leaders in the fields of science, medicine, technology and healthcare enables us to respond to emerging needs and pioneer new ways for sound and communication to be utilized in MRI's. Our Genesis ULTRA is more than an MRI Music System; it's a functionally integrated masterpiece of engineering excellence combining the finest components available today.  

100% compatibility & protection from obsolescence:  The Genesis ULTRA can be easily updated and is 100% compatible with all MRI's. Genesis ULTRA is a smart investment today that will not become obsolete tomorrow. Our Sound Advantage Initiative guarantees free updates and upgrades for the Genesis ULTRA,  keeping your music/communication system compatible with MRI advancements and a step ahead of the competition. 

Auto Voice Commands are sent directly into the patient's ears for breath-hold sequences by utilizing Magnacoustics’ proprietary interface with GE's hardware and software. In Auto Voice Command mode, the patient can simply press a button to signal the Technologist their readiness for the scan to begin. Available through OEM's only

Patient Handheld Volume and Media Selection Controls with Voice Feedback  are equipped with the ability to interface with a FM/AM stereo, CD and an iPod. These empowering choices distract even the most apprehensive patients by facilitating control of their own environment.

Automatic Volume Compensation System raises and lowers the volume level for the patient in response to varying sound pressure levels of the MRI. 

SEE-IN-THE-DARK - Our GUI Electroluminescent Backlit Technologist Control Unit  allows the Technologist operation of the entire system with the touch of a button in a low lit MRI environment.

Integral proprietary interface with GE hardware and software allows Technologists to utilize the existing GE console mic to talk directly to the patients via the Magnacoustics system. Digital Signal Processing technology makes the Genesis ULTRA the best sounding system we have ever produced  and has become the industry benchmark.


A sound system is only as good as its ability to allow the patient to hear the music at all times. Magnacoustics delivers in a way that no other manufacturer can, with our patented magnetically inert 8 driver RF shielded pneumatic transducer which carries a lifetime guarantee. This innovation provides the highest quality sound, frequency response and sound pressure available.


Our MOSFET Amplifiers are custom designed and provide protection for our 8 driver transducer. Because of the highly reactive load pneumatic transducers require, a typical "feedback style" amp will cause premature failure.  Our custom amplifiers are guaranteed to provide a lifetime of service for our transducers.



A microphone attached to the transducer in the scan room “listens” to the MRI’s noise level and, through Microprocessor Control, automatically adjusts the volume level for the patient to compensate for different sound pressure levels as they vary with scan sequences.



Our custom designed
DSP curves for our headsets make the our Genesis ULTRA the best sounding MRI Communication / Music System available.




Our exclusive Handheld Controls allow the patient to be in command of their environment during procedures. The sense of being in control within the MRI’s restricted environment enhances the calming benefits of the music. Patients can change the volume as well as the selection of music they hear. A computer generated voice tells the patient, ‘volume up’ or ‘volume down,’ when the associated button is depressed. These controls also allow patients to signal the Technologists their readiness to begin breath hold sequences. During fMRI studies these same controls interface with computers to indicate response to stimuli. A patient can relax and listen while in control of music from an iPod, CD, Streaming MP3 via USB port, AM/FM Stereo and even another auxiliary source like Satellite Radio.


Magnacoustics exclusive upgradeable self diagnostic microprocessor controlled interface is the powerhouse that drives our Genesis ULTRA. You are never left behind since the ULTRA is designed with the capacity to implement emerging technology as it becomes available. The latest advances are just a firmware update away.



Technologist Control Unit (TCU)

Technologists can operate the entire system with the touch of a button though Magnacoustics’ exclusive Microprocessor Controlled TCU. It boasts a backlit LCD readout with an electroluminescent keypad designed for low light environments. The display utilizes a graphical user interface to provide quick patient and system status reports.

Technologist Mic | Intercom

The TCU controlled Technologist Mic opens a priority communication channel at the touch of a button. This channel allows the Technologist to speak directly into the patient's ears even while the scan is in progress. With GE magnets there is another bonus feature, Magnacoustics’ exclusive proprietary interface allows the Technologist to utilize their “built in keyboard intercom system” to communicate with the patient.

AVC is a another Magnacoustics exclusive proprietary interface developed in collaboration with GE for MRI. AVC allows computer initiated “Auto Voice” instructions from the MRI to be fed clearly and directly into the patients ears for “breath hold” studies. This feature greatly reduces the Technologists work load by streamlining complex procedures. When AVC is coupled with PRS Patient Ready Signal scan times are reduced, increasing throughput and revenue. Available through OEM's only.


Magnacoustics now offers two levels of noise attenuating headsets. Our patented
MagnaLink™ Stethoscope Headset System and
our NEW MagnaCoil
Stethoscope Headset System that complies with GE Healthcare's MR Safety Guide requirement of 29dB NRR
or greater tested to ANSI Spec. Both of of our headsets provide the dual function of protecting the patient’s hearing while providing clear communication and music at the same time.

MagnaCoil™ Stethoscope Headset System is equipped with acoustically sealing noise attenuating earplugs that provide 38.7dB at 2kHz and an NRR of 30dB of attenuation while working with any coil. Each GE System comes with one MagnaCoil.

MagnaLink™ Stethoscope Headset System is equipped with acoustically sealing noise attenuating earplugs that provide 38.7dB at 2kHz and an NRR of 30dB of attenuation while working with any coil. Each GE System now comes with one MagnaLink, 1 MagnaCoil 100 pair of MagnaPlugs standard and 10 pair of MagnaPlug minis.

*MagnaSet Stethoscope Headsets are equipped with acoustically sealing noise attenuating replaceable eartips that
  provide 29.8db at 2kHz and an NRR of 18.1dB of attenuation while working with any coil. Each non GE system comes
  with 10 replaceable headsets.


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Please Note: Stereo Systems and Specifications are subject to change
*Note: This headset does not comply with GE HealthCare’s new MR Safety Guide's requirement of 29dB NRR or greater tested to ANSI standard.

A Sound Investment

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