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July 2009   

Contact: Pat Feuerriegel / Wayne Lederer / Karen LaPersonerie


2009 RSNA Show Booth 3800 South Building

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ATLANTIC BEACH, NY-- Magnacoustics, Inc., manufacturer of MRI Music Systems with patented Transducers compatible with all MRIs, is announcing GENESIS ULTRA at the 2009 Radiological Society of North America Show in Chicago.

New features include:

  • New iPod interface -- Allows a broader range of media for patient relaxation.
  • Active Volume Compensation -- Automatically raises volume level to help hide MRI gradient noise. As the MRI creates more noise, the volume level of music will increase to compensate. As the MRI noise is reduced, the volume level is decreased to compensate.
  • Active Volume Stabilization -- Automatically adjusts volume level to give patients an even flow of music. This feature automatically raises the volume level when soft music is playing and lowers the volume when loud music is playing.
  • Patient Handheld Volume and Media Selection Controls --  with Voice Feedback are equipped with the ability to interface with a FM/AM stereo, multi-CD player, Satellite Radio and iPod. These empowering choices distract and relax even the most apprehensive patients by facilitating control of their own environment.

"Our new Patient Control System now allows patients to fine-tune the volume level of music to their specific requirements, change the selection of music and even control an iPod" states Wayne Lederer, chief executive officer of Magnacoustics, Inc. "This and all the new features in GENESIS ULTRA will increase comfort levels and MRI patient throughput."

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Key Benefits 
  • Tested Approved and also available directly from GE.jpg (2197 bytes) .
  • Our New Genesis IV MRI Music System, Gives Patients More Control and includes:
  • Patient volume and selection controls with voice feedback for maximum comfort, and versatility.
  • Backlit Technologist Control Unit allows operation of the entire system with a touch of the button even in low light environments, and is Human Factors Engineered for ease or operation.
  • Built-in intercom system: allows the technologist to speak to the patients even while the scan is in progress.
  • GE customers can also take advantage of intercom integration features.
  • Active Volume Compensation: As the gradient noise increases; the music volume level to the patients will increase, as gradient noise is reduced; the music volume level lowers.
  • Compression: This feature automatically raises the volume level when soft music is playing, and lowers when loud music is playing, giving patients a more even sound level.
  • Built in interface for fMRI. 
  • Built in interface for Video 
  • Entire 100 % Microprocessor controlled for ease of operation and reliability.
  • CD Player.
  • USB port for MP3's
  • AM/FM Stereo.
  • Built in interface for iPod's
  • The latest DSP technology from Texas Instrument provide the highest sound quality, and flattest frequency response available in the industry from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. 
  • Custom designed Transducer Amplifiers.
  • Patented Magnetically Inert RF Shielded Pneumatic Transducer. 
  • Technologist Music System.
  • Our new, for 2009 patented MagnaLink™ Stethoscope Headset System complies with  GE HealthCare’s MR Safety Guide requirement of 29dB NRR or greater tested to ANSI standard.
  • MagnaPlug New style earplug provides a better acoustic seal and the highest level of attenuation available 30dB NRR test to ANSI standard  available.
  • MagnaSetTM Our Stethoscope headsets provide 26.7 decibels of attenuation at 1 kHz. (Certified by Aero Safety Corporation).
  • Genesis Ultra is compatible with all Manufacturers MRIs' and Field Strengths.
  • All Systems include full installation kits.
  • CE and UL marked for export 50/60 Hz and 110/220 vac.

"Several keys to Magnacoustics success have been its ability to create the best sounding MRI Music System available, its ease of operation, reliability and self-diagnostic capabilities. All these features are enhanced in the GENESIS ULTRA System."

In 1988, the Atlantic Beach, NY-based Magnacoustics, Inc. Developed the first magnetically inert patented pneumatic RF-shielded transducer. For additional information and pricing on GENESIS ULTRA contact Magnacoustics at 1-800-637-2282.

* Automated Voice Command is available on most GE equipment.

Background Information on MRIs

An MRI allows the physician to look at specific tissues that can not be seen with any other type of imaging. The MRI scan is safe, non-invasive, and is vastly preferred to exploratory surgery and other alternatives. However, approximately 10 percent of patients who undergo an MRI exam are unable to complete the procedure.

The patient enters a tube-like chamber approximately seven feet in length; the inner walls of the cylinder are typically 12 inches from the patient’s face. The patient must lie motionless for up to an hour while the machine clangs loudly like a jackhammer.

Patients often have trouble dealing with the confinement and the deafening noise that accompany an MRI. Many patients begin to panic and end up aborting the test. This creates a problem for the patient who will have to retake the MRI exam to be properly diagnosed. It also becomes a problem for the hospital or imaging center -- unsuccessful exams result in lower productivity and the loss of revenue.

Magnacoustics, Inc. Manufacture's equipment designed to help increase patient comfort and patient throughput for MRIs. Magnacoustics’ lead product, Genesis ULTRA, is a state of the art music system designed for all MRI systems.

"Regardless of what happens under health care reform, hospitals are becoming increasingly cost conscious," says Lederer. "Productivity is a key issue. It is important that every scheduled MRI scan be completed. In addition, consumers are increasingly sophisticated as they shop for health care. They are taking their business where they will be the most comfortable and get the services they want."

For More Information Contact:
Pat Feuerriegel For Sales
Wayne Lederer or
Karen LaPersonerie For PR / Marketing
Magnacoustics Inc.
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