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There are two sizes of MagnaPlugs available:
MagnaPlug .75” X .50” (for average size ear canals) and the
MagnaPlug Mini .75” X  .38” (for smaller than average size ear canals)

Key Benefits

  • Offers maximum attenuation available - 30 dB NRR tested to ANSI standard.
  • Complies with the GE Healthcare's MR Safety Guide requirement of 29dB NRR or greater tested to ANSI standard.
  • Fits all Coils.
  • The MagnaPlug™ is a unique earplug with a port to transfer the pneumatic signal directly into the patient's ear that works in conjunction with the MagnaLink™ and MagnaCoil™.

Protected by Patent # RE43,595E

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MagnaPlug MP100 100 Pair $200.00
MagnaPlug MP250 250 Pair $500.00
MagnaPlug MP500 500 Pair


MagnaPlug Mini MPM100 100 Pair $200.00
MagnaPlug Mini MPM250 250 Pair $500.00
MagnaPlug Mini MPM500 500 Pair


Specifications and price are subject to change

A Sound Investment

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